Powder spraying

Application of a powder base coat, with preliminary chemical surface preparation of ferrous metal parts by dipping, before the aluminizing process.


VarnishingPainting plastic parts with liquid materials by pneumatic spraying, followed by aluminizing.

Vacuum metallization

Application of an aluminum layer and a protective organosilicon coating.
Vacuum metallization plant AHVAC 1800

Working parameters of the chamber (mm)

Ultimate vacuum with clean chamber5х10-4 Pa for 8 min


Conveyor lines of various types ensure the assembly of lighting fixtures in strict accordance with the requirements for product quality.

The plant uses the following methods for assembling products:

Heat weldingconnection of 2 parts by heat welding (body + diffuser)

Ultrasonic weldingconnection of 2 parts by ultrasonic welding (body + diffuser)

Gluingconnection of 2 parts by the method of applying adhesive sealant (cold application) by a robotic complex

Photometric quality check

Checking the quality of products for compliance with UNECE requirements using a goniophotometerOPTRONIK sms 10c.

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