Volk Vladimir Vyacheslavovich
General manager
Vladimir Vyacheslavovich has been successfully managing the plant since 2011. Due to the directorship of Vladimir Vyacheslavovich, the volume of products has increased 7 times, the company has got ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949 certificates confirming the international level of the quality management system, cooperation with the assembly line of KAMAZ PJSC has begun.
Sazonov Alexey Ivanovich
Deputy General Director
Since 2011, he has been working as a deputy general director at LLC “Steklo-service”. The total work experience in senior positions is more than 22 years. Alexey Ivanovich manages the production, solves the production and economic tasks of the production units at our plant.
Makerova Yulia Igorevna
Commercial Director
The total work experience in the position of commercial director is more than 10 years. Yulia Igorevna perfectly coordinates the work of the department, organizes the management of the material and technical supply of the enterprise, controls shipment of products in time. The staff of the commercial department consists of 10 people.
Zyablov Nikolay Ivanovich
Deputy General Director for Economic Affairs
The total work experience in the economic field is more than 15 years. His previous job was as a credit analyst for small business lending at Sberbank PJSC. Nikolay Ivanovich is engaged in the strategy of economic development of our company.
Gorobets Galina Grigoryevna
Chief accountant
Galina Grigoryevna has been working at the company for more than 11 years, responsibly fulfilling her official duties. The staff of the accounting department has 9 employees.
Khudyakov Alexey Vladimirovich
Chief Engineer
Alexey Vladimirovich has been working at the plant since 2013. It determines the technical policy and direction of the technical development of the enterprise, ensures an increase in the efficiency of production facilities. There are 20 employees in The Chief engineer’s department.
Gorkov Maxim Nikolaevich
Chief designer
Maxim Nikolaevich has been working in our company for over 11 years. New product samples for the conveyor of KAMAZ PTC were developed under his leadership. The department of the chief designer employs 10 people.
Luzakov Anton Mikhailovich
Head of the tool section
Head of the tool sectionAnton Mikhailovich has been working in our company since 2017. He organizes the uninterrupted and complete provision of the production departments of the enterprise with tools and technological equipment, implements measures to improve the efficiency of tools and equipment. More than 30 employees are subordinate.
Lashchenko Oksana Vladimirovna
Head of assembling shop
Oksana Vladimirovna successfully fulfills the production tasks assigned to the shop, takes measures to prevent defects and monitors compliance with the established quality standards for the products. There are 125 employees in subordination.
Khudyakov Andrey Alekseevich
Head of the stamping and painting shop
Andrey Alekseevich has been working at Steklo-Service LLC for over 11 years. Manages the production and economic activities of the stamping and painting sections. Ensures the release of products according to the established plans. Carries out measures to prevent marriage and monitors compliance with the established quality standards. 57 people work under his leadership.
Vasilenko Nikolay Kuzmich
Head of Plastic Injection Shop
Nikolay Kuzmich has been working at Steklo-Service LLC for over 10 years. Supervises the working personnel, adjusters, foundry workers, participates in the planning of the production program of release. Subordinates to 62 employees.
Rudnik Vera Anatolievna
HR manager
The total work experience is over 37 years. Vera Anatolyevna is engaged in the selection, advanced training of employees and specialists in our company. The staff of the personnel department consists of 2 employees.

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